What We Do

We currently provide services to a number of individuals in our area, many who were not aware that services were available even though they had a definite need.

Are you having trouble cleaning your home, cooking your meals, or with your medication set up? Let us help!

We are a locally owned small town business ready to help provide reliable and friendly homemakers to help you around the house. 

Call us at 573.281.2103 or drop by 127 W. Main Malden, MO, Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00. 

We look forward to meeting and helping you.

Stacey Blevins


Stacey has extensive in home experience and has an excellent reputation for helping both clients and homemakers. 

She is relentlessly friendly and a joy to work with. Homemakers, you won't find a better boss to work with. 

Stacey Spitzer


Stacey Spitzer is an LPN who provides home visit nursing services.

Stacey has years of experience and takes pride in providing excellent service to her clientele. She's a pleasure to be around. 

What Others Say